Mobile Application Development

Frequently Asked Questions on Mobile App Development

Not everyone can afford or use laptop or computer. So when you have a mobile app for your business or service it is easy for the users to connect with you.

Numerous surveys have found conclusive evidence that over 75% of smartphone users prefer mobile apps over mobile websites.

Basically there are three types of mobile apps which run on different technologies i.e. Android, Windows and iOS. So it totally depends upon your requirements.

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Monthly or Yearly
  • App Platforms and Environment
  • Standard App Widgets and Convention
  • Number of App Screens
  • E-commerce and In-App Purchases
  • Integration with the Third Party APIs
  • Complex Animation
  • Support for Multiple Mobile Screen Resolutions
  • Support for all versions of the devices operating system (OS)
  • Offline Support
  • Continuity / Handoff Feature

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